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Alex Weinert on FIM 2010


Group Product Manager for FIM 2010 – Silverlight required

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Identity Management


The transformation of a clients legacy IT Infrastructure is something that is one of the greatest challenges both the Client and a Technology Organisation has, the objective is normally to consolidate multiple Domains, Systems and Business Groups into one unified Resource infrastructure; Delivered through the implementation of Large SAN’s, Clusters and robust Active Directory Domain(s) in central data centres. During that process exchange servers, sql servers, application servers and file servers have been consolidated into central infrastructure or P2V’d into the data centre. The Clients staff can log into any pc in any part of their business and get all their email etc… In pre consolidation times, large amounts of project management for PC moves and IT time for PC reimaging for a PC image for that domain etc.. would make the business less adaptive to market or regulatory changes.


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