Windows Intune Installation Issue


Aidan Finn has a great blogpost that can help some folks remedy installation issues with Windows Intune! Note as per the blog post, after i configured WPAD my connectivity issues had gone away.
Note to configure Option 252 on a Microsoft DHCP Server you will need to follow this guide:

Altiris DS Find the job using your defunct PXEOption


Recently i had a problem with unable to find the job in Altiris DS 6.9 SP5 that was preventing from removing the Job; Then i came across this blogpost!

Basic use of ACRE in ARMA 2 (CO)


Once in arma you will need to reconfigure some keys so that you dont use the in game chat. While in a game in arma, hit escape then Options then Controls. Delete The Keys assigned to “Voice Over Net” and “Push to Talk” [in both cases they will be Caps Lock and Caps Lock x 2] delete both of these as below.


Installation of ACRE for ARMA 2 (CO)


This is a guide on how to install ACRE [Advanced Combat Radio Environment] for ARMA 2 (CO) with ACE.

Teamspeak 3 –
Six Updater 2.0 –
Arma 2 + Operation Arrow Head (Steam or Stand Alone)


Thoughts on WP7 and HP Web OS


My phone is important to me, its an invaluable work tool when out of the office for tracking email, meetings and requests, it does all my personal stuff as well like Facebook, Email and day to day calls and texts; Its important for me therefore to have a phone that can be an invaluable tool to balance my hectic work life balance.


ToolTip: Network Delay Simulator


ToolTip: Network Delay Simulator.

Great Tool pointed out by my colleague alex verboon.

Microsoft Online Services


One of my biggest worries about running my fathers business’s Sharepoint (WSS) and Exchange (Packaged with SBS 2003) is the element of Backing up and Expandability. I always fear the day that i would get the dreaded phonecall (you know the one that all Administrators dread) in which email is offline or the sharepoint is offline / missing files. I have been lucky to date in that ive only had one failure in which i was able to use a backup to restore everything.


Things to look forward to in 2010


So here we are in 2010! 2009 was good, but if your a big geek like me well let me assure you 2010 will not disappoint you, 2010 has got something for everyone in store.


Smart Windows 7 Smartphones!

For more information about the Windows Springboard Series visit

In June of 2009 I wrote an article about a feature of Windows 7 that I loved… but couldn’t at the time confirm would actually make it into the final release of Windows 7.  In fact I was unable to find any documentation on it at all, which led me to believe, late one night, that I might have violated a non-disclosure agreement.  The article was called Smartphones and Windows 7 – VERY Smart!

Fortunately the feature made it through, and here is how I set it up and access it.

  1. Make sure your phone is properly paired to your computer.
  2. Double-click on the Bluetooth icon in the Windows Notification Area.
  3. Double-click on your Bluetooth Device (Alternately right-click on your device and click Control)
  4. The Bluetooth Phone Operations and Settings window for your device will appear. 
  5. Under Phone Operations click the Connect button next to the line ‘Use this computer as a headset or speakerphone for calls on your phone (Model Number).
  6. On the phone you will have to accept the connection attempt.


Once I did all of that my phone rang… complete coincidence of course, but the timing was great.  I put on my headset (Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000) and answered the phone… the call came through over the headset.

I know that on the previous post the screen shot showed that I could enter a phone number to dial, hang up, and so on.  I suspect this functionality will differ by phone model; I still have my old phone configured and the screen shot is slightly different; having said that the dial-from-computer functionality never worked on the old one – always said ‘not supported by this phone’. 

Give this a shot… it is much easier to make calls without having to hold the phone to your ear for hours!

For more information about the Windows Springboard Series visit

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Alex Weinert on FIM 2010


Group Product Manager for FIM 2010 – Silverlight required

Get Microsoft Silverlight

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