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GPO Search Tool


My colleague Alex Verboon posted up a link to a great tool the other day for GPO. Take a look:

Microsoft Online Services


One of my biggest worries about running my fathers business’s Sharepoint (WSS) and Exchange (Packaged with SBS 2003) is the element of Backing up and Expandability. I always fear the day that i would get the dreaded phonecall (you know the one that all Administrators dread) in which email is offline or the sharepoint is offline / missing files. I have been lucky to date in that ive only had one failure in which i was able to use a backup to restore everything.


How do i: Rejoin computer to the same account?


Pet hate of mine is creation of new computer accounts (ahhh) for machines that have been reimaged, rejoining the same account is actually really simple!

  1. Open up AD Users & Computers
  2. Find your computer account
  3. Right click an hit “Reset”
  4. Join the computer to the domain with the old account.

Bam, computers back on the domain with the same name and groups! Simple

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